Aims, Scope & Mission

Pakistan Journal of Educational Research (PJER) aims to be the principal medium for dissemination of research in all aspects of education. The journal will be of primary interest to anyone involved in educational research and will offer many insights to the scholars and researchers.

The journal publishes research papers, reviews and case studies, including but not limited to the following fields:

Education, Higher Education, Primary to Tertiary Education, Early childhood Education, Technical Education, Teachers Education, Islam, Science & Education, Adult Education, Schooling, Educational Administration & Management, Curriculum, Curricular & co-curricular Activities, Educational Psychology, Sociology, philosophy, History of Education, Character Education, Corporal Punishment, Critical Thinking, Dress Codes, Polices, Testing, Evaluation & Examination, Home Schooling, Sex Education, Multicultural Education, Action researches in Education, Parents of students, Socio economic effects of / on Education, Environment, PBL, Parent-Teacher Relationship, Prayer in Public Schools, Privatizing Education, Public Sector, Religious Education, Guidance & Counseling, Career education, Teacher Professional Development, School Violence.