• Sumera Khan, Bisma Ali Siddiqui, Ambreen Khan


Being a teacher means knowing about pedagogy. Pedagogy is linking the theory into practices that provide you to be a skillful and effective teacher. There are many kinds of pedagogical skills that teachers use to develop students’ interest in learning. The importance of each type of skill can vary depending on the grade level you teach. When we discuss ESL teaching skills, it becomes more crucial as it is a second or foreign language. Language pedagogy is an integral part of learning and without effective English pedagogical skills, the desired goal cannot be achieved. When we highlight the pedagogical skills then the main part which provokes the learning is elementary. Elementary education is geared toward knowledge acquisition, especially the Grade V of the public sector which is the foundation of secondary education. The nature of pedagogical skills becomes more advance afterward, so in this scenario grade, five teachers need to have command of these pedagogical skills, which equips them to teach English subject, which is their second and foreign language. In terms of the national curriculum for the subject of English, the set competencies have to be achieved at the elementary level. Keeping this view in the study employs a case study approach, to have in-depth information about effective pedagogical skills in grade five. The research aims to investigate the common pedagogical skills practiced by the teachers in their English language teaching in grade five of a Public Institution. The qualitative method was used for this research in which interview and observation dairies were used as the tools of research. The technique that is used for data collection is convenient sampling. The data is portrayed with themes and sub-themes under the process of Thematic Analysis. The study highlights the effective pedagogical skills for English subjects at the elementary level so that government sets up In-service professional development workshops for teachers in the public sector. The finding and suggestions of this study will open the door for paradigm-shifting where English will be taught as a skill, not as a subject anymore.



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Ambreen Khan, S. K. B. A. S. . (2022). A CASE STUDY ON THE PEDAGOGICAL SKILLS IN THE SUBJECT OF ENGLISH FOR GRADE FIVE. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 5(4). Retrieved from https://pjer.org/index.php/pjer/article/view/666