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First of all, I am thankful to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, who gave us the strength to finally join the Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, a HEC recognized magazine. On this occasion, I pay tribute to my entire team including my mentors Prof. Dr. Shahida Sajjad, Dr. Kamal Haider. In particular, my fellow Associate and Assistant Editors, Dr. Khurram Khan Alvi, Dr. Alia Ayub and Maria Khan & Shaikh Adnan who have been handling and running this magazine since day one, deserve real congratulations. They volunteered with me at the beginning of this journal and played a key role in getting it here. While the research journal needs its editorial team for its functionality, the members of the advisory board rely on it for quality. I am very grateful to my entire advisory board, especially to Dr. Khalid Khurshid and Dr. Naseem Qaisarani, who took the time out of their hectic engagements to show special interest in the magazine and provide guidance. How can I forget all my researchers who volunteered to publish their research in PJER when they knew that these papers would not be of any use to them in promotion or degree! As well as the volunteer reviewers who reviewed these papers and helped us to improve its quality. I pray for your knowledge and abilities. With all this success, the biggest hurdle in bringing this issue was the COVID19 situation which affected the whole world including our team. I believe that recognizing the HEC is not only a success but also a responsibility that we now have to make more serious and standardized efforts to research so that the slogan of the Society of Social Sciences and Research Association - SSSARA, “Change Through Research” can be put into practice. With a new determination that every next issue will be better than the last, I pray that Allah will save all humanity from calamities and troubles so that man can serve humanity in every sphere of life.

Dr. Maroof Bin Rauf




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