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The Pakistan Journal of Educational Research achieved another important milestone three years after its inception and that, from this issue, the journal will be published quarterly instead of semi-annually. This was possible because a large number of researchers from all over Pakistan continued to send papers expressing their confidence in the journal, which compelled the society to make this decision. Where i am grateful to all the researchers who chose PJER to publish their research work, at right there, I would like to draw the attention of my researchers to some of the issues that the journal has faced. Although, these are not in a big number but these issues not only causes difficulties for the journal, but also does not leave a good impression of you on the journal's team. For example:

1۔ Based on the comments of internal & external reviewers, when researchers are sent for paper finalization, then it is known that they have sent this paper to be published elsewhere or this paper has been published elsewhere.

2. As a result of having their paper published elsewhere, instead of apologizing, they insist on adding another paper of their own instead.

3۔ As soon as they upload the paper on website, they force to editor to publish it in the upcoming issue.

4- Some of them wish that their papers would appear in every issue.

5- They consider their pledge report of their paper as final. Etc…

Although the Pakistan Journal of Educational Research does not prioritize any of these over its own principles, but it does tarnish your image as a good researcher. Therefore, keeping these things in mind, you are requested to support the Society for Social Sciences and Research Association in promoting the research culture in Pakistan. Because our slogan is "change through research".

Dr. Maroof Bin Rauf




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