• Sidra Rizwan



Developing countries all over the world are struggling to improve their education system to achieve sustainable development standards. Pakistan being a developing country is no different; the two major issues related to education are quality and quantity and both are imperative in our current situation where we are up against the challenges of low literacy and poor quality of education. The government has taken up the challenge of low quality of education by investing in teacher education in the form of various reforms which are designed to enhance the teaching quality and provide standards of acceptability across the country. In this regard professional standards in 2009 were launched across the country for teachers. The latest concept of teaching is no more transfer of knowledge rather it is the transformation of knowledge in an organized manner. This organized knowledge transformation requires detailed planning and multiple strategies of delivery; this concept took the fourth place in the professional standards as “Instructional Planning and Strategies”. This standard has three dimensions one of which is “Performance” with eight indicators that can be used to measure this dimension. This article focuses on the performance of in-service teachers teaching at secondary level gauged on the defined indicators of performance in instructional planning & strategies stated in the professional standards. The population was teachers already teaching at secondary level from all the four provinces and Islamabad, according to multistage sampling technique 400 teachers were selected and further their 80 head teachers were also included for the purpose of triangulation. The findings showed that currently in-service teachers required training at varying degree on all the indicators of performance which provided the basis for priority wise training recommendations according to the defined indicators. The challenge of quality teaching in the country can be addressed if the teachers perform according to the prescribed standards.




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Sidra Rizwan. (2021). PERFORMANCE BASED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF IN-SERVICE TEACHERS. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 4(2).