• Hassan Sohail Butt, Maria Shahzadi, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan


The world is recently moving towards quality criteria in every field. For this Accreditation process has been introduced in every Discipline, Institute and Program to maintain the standards of quality. Accreditation refers to the authenticity and fairness in achieving the benchmarks of standards of program, a course, a module or an Institution. (Harvey, 2004). Accreditation provides certainty that the course or program will meet the demands and requirements of the quality standards. In order to produce trained professionals’ quality in higher education is required and Accreditation process will provide the Quality Assurance. As the teachers are the roots of every profession, therefore the Accreditation Process is also introduced in the field of teacher Education Program to maintain and improve the quality of Teacher Education Programs. When talking in context of Pakistan, there is always an issue regarding in quality of Education in Pakistan. In order to meet this demand NACTE (National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) is established so that the quality criteria can be achieved through the process of Accreditation of different Teacher Education Programs in Pakistan. (Shakoor, & Farrukh, 2016). The programs or courses having NACTE Accredited certificate can be accepted globally and thus can serves as a basis of good professional start. The present study aims to find out the comparative analysis of the impacts of NACTE Accredited and Non-Accredited Teacher Education Programs on student's Achievement. The study is conducted on students of B. Ed honors studying in different institutions in Karachi. To carry out comparative analysis MGA (Multigroup Analysis) is carried out on Smart PLS: 3. The analysis done revealed high ‘values of Accredited groups aCOVID-19 had savagely affected the economy of Pakistan. This article aims to access the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on job searching. A cross sectional study was conducted from September 2020 to December 2020 to find out the ‘Factors affecting the job searching (career) during COVID-19 in Pakistan’. Convenient sampling technique was used for the data collection. Majority of the respondents 32% responded that lack of vacancy was due to the pandemic. 69% responded that lacking experience affected the job searching (career). 24.2% respondent relied that lack of the workshop/internship affected the job hunting while lack of the virtual training also played the role in job searching accounting for 27%. Pandemic is the prime reasons behind the lack of vacancies accounting for 32%. The result indicates that most of the population was affected in term of job searching by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Technical and Soft skills were helpful in job searching.s compared to nonAccredited groups, concluding that there are significant differences in the impact of two types of programs; Accredited and Non-Accredited teacher Education Programs on student teacher`s achievement. The results declared that Accredited Programs




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