Contributions of Muslim Women in Education


  • Iqra Khan, Maryam Bibi, Muhammad Amin



The term education has been the living phenomena among the social and cultural lives of the human body that derives the crucial needs and necessities of the modern world. This could be considered as the realistic approach to say- as education provided the positive barrier between the old and new learnings to help bring out the development in the logical and literal minds. The fundamental requirements of education result the possibility when its acquirements are made reachable to the deserving hands. Education is hence freed from all the discrimination and racial comments- welcomes the technological and scientific learnings to those who seeks for it. As, for men, education has been the revolving agenda to succeed in the rushing world and as it’s similar for the women of every religion and culture. With the rising inventions and prominent technological factors, the demanding scope for the educational promotions established the future needs. This need in an outcome prevailed the exceeding desires of women to work side by side with men and to meet the necessities of the coming age. The patterned structures that the society follows, advances the efforts of men rather than women and if it belongs to any religion, Muslim women are the first to face the discriminative attitudes in the work places and learning institutes. But to count their efforts in an extensive manner, there are many of the Muslim women who took charge in the advancement of the technological and the social sciences. This article aims at the perpetual challenges and contributions of Muslim women in their respective work areas. The problems and hurdles they experienced at the social and cultural surroundings. The main objective of this paper is to highlight the difficulties and hardships of Muslim women all around the world and the challenging atmospheres they worked in while giving their utmost for the betterment of society





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