• Maryam Yaqoob Khan, S. Khurram Khan Alwi




Fast development and change in ICT have prompted the dispersion of innovation in teaching instructions. The motivation behind this assessment is to explore teachers’ recognition in incorporating ICT in their educating-learning process. The assessment questions focused to estimating teachers' product use and other instructional devices and materials, inclinations for proficient improvement on data assembling and support, factors that empower instructors' use of innovation, teachers' view of self-adequacy and obstructions that instructors focused upon in the middle of innovation usage in instructing learning process. A populace of 25 instructors at DHA School took part in this overview. The outcome on equipment and programming use demonstrates that lion's share of instructors in the school can't utilize equipment in showing learning process due to primarily deficiency of assets. Teachers who can't utilize ICT as instructional apparatus are 76 percent higher than the individuals who can utilize it. This demonstrates most educators in the school are not incorporating ICT in the course they instruct. In respect of the data and bolster administrations, there is no equivalent help benefit from the specialized help units. DHA School is found as poor by most of the teachers in preparing ICT trainings. The factors that encourage technology are considered highly important to apply ICT in teaching-learning process. Even though, the school teachers have strong positive perception for using ICT in teaching-learning process. Teachers’ perception toward ICT usage to increase quality of curriculum and their eventual productiveness is found as significant. This indicates that the teachers realize the productivity in integrating ICT in their professional approach. However, majority of the teachers pointed out that one of the barriers to technology implementation is lack of teachers’ technical knowledge and shortage of resources. This shows that equipping the school with ICT related apparatus is not enough for attaining educational modification. Hence, the school should critically focus on teachers’ abilities for integrating ICT in whole curriculum to make each subject’s lesson interactive and easily understandable by their students.




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Maryam Yaqoob Khan, S. Khurram Khan Alwi. (2018). EVALUATING TEACHERS’ PERCEPTION ON INTEGRATING ICT IN TEACHING-LEARNING PROCESS. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 1(1), 26–48. https://doi.org/10.52337/pjer.v1i1.4