• Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi, Nadira Dayo, Jai Parkash



Mixed-methods research (MMR) is considered as most influential research since the 1990s. In recent years (2010 and onwards), there has been a growing tendency to conduct educational research using Mixed-Methods Research (MMR) worldwide. This study was designed to investigate the issues and challenges associated with the application of mixed-method research in higher education institutes. The objectives of the study were i)to find out the perceptions of faculty members regarding the application of mixed-method, ii) to find out the issues faced by faculty members in the application of Mixed-Methods research, and iii) to find out the challenges faced by faculty members regarding the application of Mxed-Methods Research. Concurrent triangulation design of mixed method was used as the design of the study. The population of the study comprises all faculty members and research students of five public sector universities. Using purposive sampling, 62 faculty members from departments of education of five public sector universities using mixed-method research were selected as samples. A tailor-made questionnaire and an interview were used as data collection tools. The percentage was used to analyze the quantitatce data, while thematic analysis was done for analysis of interview data. The study's findings revealed that faculty members have serious issues about the  understanding of mixed-methods research like not being aware of the concerns related to internal and external validity, and limited expertise in data mixing and interpretation of mixed data. It was also found that faculty members faced many challenges, including an understanding of the term Mixed-Methods and triangulation, improper training, and less academic and professional support provided to faculty members. Besides, the most crucial challenge was the unavailability of previous research on this pattern to use as a model. Based on these findings, it is recommended that appropriate training might be provided to faculty members, and mixed-method research courses should be included in teachers’ training programs.




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Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi, Nadira Dayo, Jai Parkash. (2021). APPLICATION OF MIXED-METHODS RESEARCH IN PAKISTAN: EMERGING ISSUES AND CHALLENGES. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 4(4).