• Nadia Minhas, Afshan Rahat, Maroof Khan



We examine the extent to which General Practitioners (GPs) have knowledge of the speech language pathology field. This was pilot research where 20 pilots were selected through convenience sampling techniques because it is suitable for both. Another study it was a structured questionnaire-based study for general physicians about awareness regarding Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) domain. This pilot study found mixed results that, All the doctors have an understanding of the speech therapy requirements and no doctor (0%) were in the category of “No to Little Knowledge” Most of these general physicians have enough knowledge about SLPs field, about 60% of the doctors required further updated knowledge and education about the best practice speech therapy requirements/treatment. The general practitioners are merely aware that this specialty indeed exists but still do not know what sort of cases that are dealt with by the professionals of this field. 25% of the doctors classified under the Reasonable knowledge, these doctors have knowledge about all the basic requirement of the speech therapy patient requirements but no referring to Speech-language pathologist. However, the need refresher courses/knowledge to be an expert in the field. 15% of the doctors have expert level knowledge and they have clear concept and requirement of the best practices for the speech therapy treatment. Although they all suggested that a health care provider SLP should perform the main role in health domain collaboration with general physicians. The study results showed that in Pakistan, the medicines curriculum (MBBS) has been updated with any chapter regarding the rehabilitation / habitation of this sort. So, most of the general practitioners are unaware about SLP domain, which is basically the key point that plays a significant role in rehabilitation. So, the researcher suggested Pakistan health council to review the official MBBS curriculum and government sector health ministry to work on this specificity.




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Nadia Minhas, Afshan Rahat, Maroof Khan. (2022). AWARENESS REGARDING SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST DOMAIN AMONG GENERAL PHYSICIANS. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 5(2).