• Ayesha Solangi



This is a famous proverb that knowledge is power. Social media has a very significant role in furnishing the information to consumers in much faster pace which leads them to decision making. Now a day’s social media becoming more popular and famous. Everyone is using social media very frequently. Even little children’s using social media more than elder people. In my research I am searching the impacts of social media on the children of working women because lady who is house wife looking after his/her children can give better time to them relatively a working woman. That’s why the focus of this research is on working women’s who can’t be able to give full time to their children’s just because of their jobs. Quantitative research design & purposive sampling will follow in this research. For data collection a questionnaire was developed and filled by the sample of working women. The data analyses by average percentage method. The findings of this research are that the social media is not a bad thing what people understand and think about it. Social media has its advantage and drawbacks as we all know, it is up to us or parents to check social sites wisely to enhance their children social and personal life, and exercise caution to ensure they do not fall victim to online dangers. So that researcher found that social media is need of everyone in 21st century but when we talking about children they should be provided for limited time with check and balance when they are using it. Same as parents also should aware about it so that they can better understand and control the negative issues related to the social media.





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Ayesha Solangi. (2018). IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON CHILDREN’S OF WORKING WOMEN’S. Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 1(1), 91–105.